Privacy policy

Being the part of beneficiary from the services of Explainers Lab it is mandatory to know about the following Privacy Policy. Explainers Lab gives a safe and secure system where you have the liberty to browse without having an anxiety of privacy issues. Therefore, we have created a privacy policy to answer your queries with full authenticity and describe how we treat your data through our servers in order to provide a personalized user experience. This guide will also recognize the data type we can use and help you to remain in touch with us for your issues.


Explainers Lab can gather your general information once you register or sign up with us. The information that you will provide after registration may include your name, contact, details, payment options, etc. Your information will remain protected and will not be used without your approval. At every single step, you will be asked for confirmation if you choose to utilize your payment details.


Following are the basic requirements about your personal information in order to refer you or reach you:

  • your name
  • your job title
  • Your Manager/Firm Name
  • Your Office Email Address
  • Your Office Phone Number
  • Your Office Address

We may also require further details such as your field of expertise. We have the authority to use third-party sources to strengthen your data and get further details about your profile. These third parties can be a company or professional websites associated with your data which can give more details like industry, corporation, and education. Moreover, if you don’t get registered our website can collect and save certain information robotically using cookies and identical technologies. We have also defined cookies and web beacons in the next paragraph.


Explainers Lab and its partners may drive cookies to your system to collect detailed information. The main reason for these cookies is to make a better experience of our website for our users and to give an improved interface. Don’t worry these cookies will not track your location either your personal information. But these cookies can affect user experience because they can track a person’s record of either they have visited the page before or not. In the same way, a web beacon will not do data track. It is used to send information regarding content and websites for analytics. These details are required just to make it confirm that you have a great experience.


You, as our client have the authority to terminate your partnership with us. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter. It means that you will not get any emails about our services or updates. You may find the option of unsubscribing under every email. You can also do enquire for the information we are providing. Explainers Lab will deliver you with a personal profile that we possess about you within a month of your request. On your request, we can also remove your information if you find it a way of relief.

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